How to Apply Alaska Airlines Credit Card Issued by Bank of America

The financial service provider, Bank of America is the issuer of the electronic payment card known as the Alaska Airlines Credit Card. Individuals, small businesses, and corporate customers can purchase Alaska Airlines cards anywhere in the globe, including the United States. A huge number of destinations are serviced by Alaska Airlines. Low prices and distinguished clients are Alaska Airlines’ top priorities. 

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Read: How to Add Visa Gift Card to Apple Pay provides all the information regarding Alaska Airlines. A division of Alaska Air Group is Alaska Airlines, along with Horizon Air. Now, Alaska Airlines and Bank of America introduced identical upgraded features for the Alaska Airlines credit card. The Alaska Airlines credit card offers Mileage Plan miles that can be used for free flights on Alaska, more than 20 other ‘oneworld member airlines’, and other international partners to more than 900 locations worldwide. Additionally, the visitors can book hotel stays and aircraft upgrades using their miles or rewards. 

The card is perfect for purchasing overseas because it has no foreign transaction fees. A recent redesign of the rewards program added some fantastic new bonus categories. Even though this card won’t be the most profitable for all expenditures, Alaska Mileage Plan miles are otherwise difficult to get because no significant transferable points currency partners with Alaska Airlines. The important factors and characteristics of the plan are as under:

Criteria for Alaska Airlines Credit Card Issued by Bank of America

Because Bank of America is the company that issues the Alaska Airlines Credit Card, the following general limits should be understood:

  • In general, Bank of America will only accept you for two cards during a two-month window, three within a 12-month window, and four within a 24-month window (business cards are usually exempt from this rule).
  • According to the rules, you are not allowed to avail this card if you currently have this card or you have availed this card during the last 24 months.”
  • You can apply for both cards because having the business version of the card does not affect your eligibility for this card.
  • The annual fee for the Alaska Airlines Credit Card is a moderate $95. That annual cost, which is a little under $100, is comparable to that of several co-branded airline credit cards. There is no additional charge for adding authorized users to the card.

Bank of America Alaska Airlines Credit Card Benefits

Our existing and new cardholders can now benefit from improved benefits when they use the card to book travel with us and to pay for regular expenses, including the ability to board their flight earlier and continue to save money. They offer a free checked bag and Alaska’s Famous Companion Fare. 

These fresh advantages are available to cardholders:

  • Earn Double Miles: Everyday qualified transactions made by cardholders, such as purchases of petrol, and local transportation services, including ride-sharing, cable bills, and certain streaming services, now earn 2 miles for every dollar spent. Because Alaska miles never expire, they can be used whenever you like.
  • Relationship Bonus: 10% additional miles can be earned on all purchases made with a card when a qualifying open Bank of America checking, savings, or investment account is also opened.
  • Preference in boarding: When tickets are bought with an Alaska Visa Signature card, priority boarding allows for early group boarding.
  • Added Savings and Convenience for Authorised Users: When using the Alaska Visa Signature card to buy a ticket, authorized users added by primary cardholders will now benefit from expanded privileges. Authorized users can still use the card to plan their trips. Still, they will now also be eligible for priority boarding and a free checked bag even if they are not traveling with the primary cardholder (free checked bags were previously only available to authorized users who traveled on the same reservation as the cardholder).
  • Discount on Alaska Lounge+ Membership: When using your Alaska Visa Signature card to pay for an Alaska Lounge+ membership, cardholders can receive a $100 annual discount.

How to Apply for an Alaska Airlines Credit Card Issued by Bank of America

Check out the Bank of America website. Then, following the Bank of America credit card login box, click the Enrol option on your left. You are required to fulfill the given details:

  • Avail the credit card number for Alaska Airlines
  • Create the ‘Number for Social Security
  • Then go to ‘How to Log Into Your Alaska Airlines Visa Card Account’
  • When you have completed these formalities, you must create an Online ID and password. 
  • Since they are your means of access to the Bank of America Credit card login, keep them both safe.
  • For account management, checking both recent and old statements, and managing your credit, you will require these details.

How to Activate Bank of America Alaska Airlines Credit Card Online

You must go to the Bank of America credit card login to access the Alaska Airlines Credit Card online features. Your Alaska Airlines credit card is issued by Bank of America; therefore, inquiries about your credit and payments should be directed to them.

You can activate your new Alaska Airlines Visa Credit Card as soon as it arrives at your home address. To activate, simply follow the instructions within the package or call 1-800-276-9939. If you recently received an Alaska Airlines Card, you must activate it before using it. The steps listed below can be used to activate your Alaska Airlines Card.

  • Access the Alaska Airlines Card activation page by logging in.
  • Please enter your Alaska Airlines Card login information.
  • Open the top menu bar, select ‘Customer Service’ from the menu, then go for ‘Self Service’.
  • Under Credit/Charge Account, click Activate a Card.
  • To finish the activation, enter the card details and follow the instructions.

How to Activate Bank of America Alaska Airlines Credit Card Using a Mobile App

If you don’t have your Social Security number, call the number given on the back of your credit card and then try to get the mobile app to activate your card. You will need this number for activation of the mobile app. From the Apple Store or Google Play Store, get the Alaska Airlines mobile app. See the advice listed below:

  • Open the Alaska Airlines mobile app and log in.
  • Pick ‘Manage cards’ from the menu bar.
  • Select the card you want to activate.
  • Click the option ‘ Activate Card’. If you have many more cards, choose the card that needs to be activated by you and click ‘Continue’. 
  • Now you should enter your card details and also put SSN’s last four digits, then click “Activate.”


The Alaska Airlines Visa® Card is the most efficient method for travelers who desire to accrue Alaska Airlines miles. This Bank of America airline credit card features an outstanding introductory bonus, high rewards rates, and the chance to qualify for an annual companion fare. Utilizing your Alaska Airlines Visa Signature credit card to its full potential is simple.

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