How To Delete User Data in Picsart App on Android?

How To Delete User Data in Picsart App on Android? PicsArt is an app that can take your photographs to the next level. It is a well-known all-in-one image editing program and creative community. You can remix fantastic images, collages, sketches, and photos with friends. It is a fantastic tool for advanced editing.

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This is known as one of the most widely used photo editing programs globally. Additionally, it offers a social network where content producers and anyone else who uses this platform to edit images can share their works and engage with those of others.

PicsArt is such a program that was first released as a photo editor for Android devices back in 2012, when it was first started. We may already have it on iOS after a year. In just one year after its introduction, the app has received over 75 million downloads from the Play Store, demonstrating how quickly it gained popularity. By the year 2020, the Picsart official Facebook account will have already released a special statement for its more than 1 billion downloads.

Features of the PicsArt App

A wide range of premium features, including photo blending, artistic filters, AI-powered photo effects, Photoshop-style layering and drawing tools, cropping, text overlays, and more, are among the reasons why millions of people use PicsArt. 

Find a huge collection of free sticker packs, typefaces, collage templates, backdrops, and brushes. With daily photo editing challenges and lessons, discover the images you like and how to create them. With over 100 million monthly active users worldwide, you can remix millions of free images, and communicate, share, and edit pictures.

Why You Need to Delete User Data in Picsart App on Android

Do you ever experience poor phone performance or inconsistent behavior from some apps? Cleaning out saved app data can occasionally be the answer. Every app, even our favorite, PicsArt, saves specific pieces of data that may require cleaning up every so often. 

Every app on your phone may be compared to a tiny room. This area accumulates items that you’ve used or made over time. Data refers to this “stuff.” For instance, with PicsArt, it may be your creative drawings, your editing, or even your downloadable filters. But here’s the thing—having too many things in a space can occasionally make it cluttered and difficult to move about.

Clearing cache and clearing data are the two different sorts of “cleaning.” As opposed to data, which is the entirety of the room, think of cache as the modest clutter on your table. While “clearing data” entails thoroughly cleaning the entire space, “clearing cache” is like cleaning up your table.

Your PicsArt space might become overcrowded over time. Decluttering and creating more room is what removing data entails which is very important for the smooth running of your device. The main reasons for deleting user data are:

  1. Getting Rid of App Bugs: Ever had a specific image in PicsArt freeze, crash, or refuse to open? Clearing data could fix some app issues, just as sometimes a thorough cleaning can make a congested space seem better.
  2. Regarding Privacy: When you clear the app’s data, all of your creations—especially those that you want to keep private—are deleted.
  3. Beginning Over: Starting over can be satisfying at times. Without having to uninstall and reinstall, clearing data allows you to use the software as if it had just been downloaded.

How To Delete User Data in Picsart App on Android

When you use Clear Data on an app, it will completely erase all of its configuration and settings, essentially restoring it to the way it was when you originally installed it. According to its Play Store page, it’s only a photo and video editor; it won’t delete your photo library, but it will remove all of the PicsArt-related files. 

You will have to validate your account once again if you change your mind and decide to use it again. Clearing data is often not a routine maintenance procedure; rather, it should only be used as a last resort when an app is seriously problematic or when you wish to completely remove all traces of an app before uninstalling it.

You can delete your PicsArt user data on Android by following these steps:

  • Open the PicsArt application: Tap to open the PicsArt app after finding it on your Android device. A vibrant paintbrush and camera lens are used in the app’s icon, which makes it simple to identify.
  • Access your ‘Profile’: An icon for your profile will usually be visible in the bottom right corner of the screen once the app has been loaded. Your profile page will be accessible after you tap on this symbol.
  • Activate ‘Settings’ Option: Check the top-right corner of your profile page for the settings icon. The three vertical dots on the settings icon stand for settings. Access the settings menu by tapping on this icon.
  • Go to the ‘Account Setting’ Option: Find and select “Account Settings” under the Settings menu.
  • Choose Privacy: You can choose from a number of options pertaining to privacy and preferences for your account in the settings section. Find and select the “Privacy” menu item.
  • Manage the Aata: The “Manage Data” option can be found in the privacy settings. To access the data management panel, simply tap on it.
  • Delete Account: The ‘Delete Account’ option can be found by scrolling down. The key to removing your user data from PicsArt is to complete this step. On it, tap.
  • Verify the Deletion: Your choice will now be verified by PicsArt. You should be aware that cancelling your account would remove all of your user information, including your creations, followers, and any profile-related information.
  • Enter Your Password: PicsArt will ask you to enter your account password to make sure this choice is truly being made by you. Select “Continue” after entering your password.
  • Verify the Deletion Once More: You will be prompted by PicsArt to confirm your decision to delete your account and user data one last time at this stage. Once you confirm it, you’re done.


With the help of the PISCART Android app, user accounts can be easily deleted. You still have control over your online identity and privacy in this situation. Before completing these procedures, make sure the data being deleted from the app cannot be recovered. Make a minimal backup of any private data or priceless stuff.

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