How to Add Visa Gift Card to Venmo Account?

What is Venmo? One of the most widely used payment apps is called Venmo. Friends and family members can transfer money to one another along with amusing GIFs and photos. You may occasionally receive a Visa gift card from the same friends and family members. When it comes to e-commerce sites, in particular, there are restrictions on where you can spend them.

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Discover how to add gift cards to Venmo to get around these restrictions. You can add the money to your Venmo account and use it for online shopping and payment. Retail establishments that take Venmo benefit from the QR code as well.

With the help of the well-known payment app Venmo, receiving and sending money is incredibly simple and popular. If you’ve got a gift card and want to add money from it to your Venmo balance, this article will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to add a Visa gift card to your Venmo account and how to transfer money from a Visa gift card to your Venmo balance.

A gift card is more complicated to add to your Venmo account than a bank debit card, which can be linked to it relatively easily. It is so because the market offers a wide range of gift cards.

Some of them are non-reloadable fixed-value devices. The gift card can be reloaded with several other systems as well. These gift cards, including Vanilla, Visa Gift Cards, Walmart Visa-branded Gift Cards, Secure Spend Gift Cards, and Mastercard Gift Cards, can be bought at retail establishments. 

Usually a prepaid card, the gift card is intended for single usage only and may or may not be linked to a bank account. You may attach credit, debit, and prepaid cards to Venmo, according to their website. Therefore, you can add the gift card to your Venmo account as a payment option and utilize it if you have one from any of the aforementioned merchants.

The website for Venmo describes those circumstances in which: “Cards may be denied by the card issuer or Venmo for fund availability or fraud prevention reasons. Additionally, to link your account to a particular payment card, a zip code could be necessary. You might be able to use some gift cards exclusively at certain retailers. They might oppose having their payment option added to Venmo.

What is Visa Gift Card

A Visa gift card can feel like the ultimate prize when you receive one for the holidays, a birthday, or any other special event. Visa gift cards can be used to make purchases in practically any place where a standard credit or debit card is accepted. So the options for using this virtual gift are as endless as your card balance permits.

Once you receive a Visa gift card, virtually all of the work is already done for you because they are enabled to use at checkout. You can use your card as long as you remember to sign the back of it before using it.

How to Add the Zip Code of the Visa Gift Card to the Venmo Account

You must provide the gift card’s zip code when adding it to your Venmo account. You can find this zip code information by looking at the back of your gift card, which typically includes the card provider’s website or a phone number for balance and transaction inquiries. Additionally, you can register and activate the card using this website or phone number. 

You should be directed to a page with a link or button to register your card if you decide to visit the website. (Always check that you are only using the legitimate website that is listed on the card’s reverse. Don’t perform a search to prevent visiting a potentially spammy website. This choice will inquire about your card details like gift card number, CVV, card expiration date, etc. 

You should be able to edit your address information, including your zip code, once you’ve entered your details and logged onto your card. If you encounter a problem or are unable to change the zip code information for any reason, you may simply call the number listed on the back of the gift card for assistance.

A Zip Code update option might not be available on the website for all gift cards. When this happens, you can just try to use the Zip code linked to your area.

To activate the majority of cards, you must register them online. Your card may be declined during the transaction if you don’t finish this step.

If the option to update the zip code is not there on all cards, you can still add the card to Venmo by simply adding the zip code for your neighborhood.

How to Add Visa Gift Card to Venmo

  • Create Your Venmo Account and learn how to add Visa gift cards.
  • Utilize the mobile app.
  • Read the information if you don’t already have a Venmo account. You can use the mobile app with the aid of these steps-
  1. Get the Venmo app for your Android or iPhone. It is available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
  2. Launch Venmo on your phone.
  3. Decide on your setup strategy.
  4. Add any required personal information and create a password.
  5. Send verification codes to both your email and phone number.
  6. The verification codes must be entered.

Advantages of Adding Visa Gift Card to Venmo

You might be curious about which prepaid cards Venmo supports. The most common choice is a Visa gift card and fortunately, this is the most compatible with your Venmo account.

Transferring funds between the accounts once you’ve added a Visa gift card to Venmo is quite simple. Utilize the funds on the card to top off your Venmo account. Utilizing the money currently in your Venmo account, you can also top it off.

Any retailer that accepts Venmo will have a QR code that you may scan there. If you attach your Visa gift card to Venmo, money will be deducted immediately from it. An unlinked Visa gift card can be used with Venmo. The business also takes American Express, MasterCard, and Discover.


Just like adding a debit card, you may add a Visa gift card to Venmo. Gift cards fall under the category of prepaid cards, and Venmo typically accepts them as a form of payment. 

It is not, however, a guaranteed method, and some cards might not be supported when added as a payment option. The only way to be sure is to try adding a gift card using the given instructions, and then cross your fingers that it works.

If your gift card is ineligible for use with Venmo, you may want to use PayPal as a backup because it is known to be more prepaid card-friendly.

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