How to Block Adult Websites on Google Chrome

How to Block Adult Websites on Google Chrome? Adult websites can be described as any audio or video content that is x-rated, containing nudity, explicit sexual content, or depicts sexual behaviors in any way that goes above and beyond what is typically aired on websites.

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Adult content is defined as an internet access service that offers dangerous and offensive content that is not allowed to be viewed by those who are under the age of eighteen. 

Many people use the internet to routinely visit adult websites, but just because these websites are well-liked by viewers, doesn’t imply that they are completely safe. Many of these websites frequently gather user information for unexplained purposes. There are many people who are dependent on accessing these pages just because they are merely there to take advantage of users.

Why You Should Block Adult Websites

Children and even adults may be badly impacted by adult content. Therefore, a lot of individuals, especially parents, are interested in learning how to block pornographic websites. If you’re a parent, you should be aware that an Android-powered tablet or phone could easily expose your child to adult content. Images that you do not want your kids to see can be accessed through Google Play, Google Movies, and Google Search. 

Even a simple Google search for the phrase “Small” can provide photos and websites on the first page of results. The good thing is that you can put a check on these websites by blocking them. As parents, we occasionally give our kids access to our phones or laptops to keep them occupied while we are busy with some other activity. 

Put limits on your phone or laptop if you want to put a check on your kids watching anything on your mobile or laptop. There are many reasons why you should block these adult websites:

1- Some Online Adult Services Propagate Malware. 

At the moment, malware is a major issue on the internet, and many instances of it can be found on adult websites. Now, we’re not suggesting that most pornographic websites install malware to infect users’ systems; rather, we’re saying that they rely on advertising to pay for their service.

You see, these websites are compelled to use less reliable ad networks because they are unable to monetize their presence through popular options like Google AdSense. This method puts the user in danger, which is not desirable. Malvertising is a problem that has to be addressed. Drive-by downloads can sometimes cause people to become infected just by going to a website.

2- Fear Of Being Followed

Advertisers and those who fund adult websites both like following individuals as they navigate the internet. Your surfing history may be collected by these trackers, so if you frequently watch adult content, you should feel violated.

Please make use of a VPN provider to get around this issue. We prefer people to pay for a VPN rather than utilize a free one. Please use the private surfing option available in all popular web browsers if you don’t want to spend some money.

3- Legal Issues Could Arise

It would not be correct to assume that accessing any of the numerous adult websites would not result in legal ramifications. In fact, several of these adult sites frequently host X-rated content either on purpose or by mistake when a user uploads, despite the fact that it is illegal to employ children to view adult content.

By watching or downloading these movies, you run the risk of inviting the police to your house. At all costs, try to keep away from such circumstances.

4- Adult Websites Have Negative Reputation

The majority of adult information on the internet is freely accessible, however, some websites charge a fee for premium material. Any website that charges a subscription fee to view material should be avoided because your monthly costs could increase dramatically.

They entice new consumers with free or reasonably priced trials, and after that, a hefty monthly subscription is taken out each month. The trick is pretty effective.

But ransomware is, in our opinion, the most problematic. If you 

Download one of these malicious programs from a website, the criminals behind it will probably gain access to your browsing history and then threaten to reveal it to the public unless money is given to them.

5- Your Information May Go Out to the Public

If you have not made an account and you browse one of the numerous adult websites at 1 in the morning for whatever reason enjoy yourself and just remain anonymous, you will see the hackers are there to acquire access to the website’s user data, creating an account and putting you at danger.

How to Block Adult Websites on Google Chrome

There are a few situations where blocking a webpage in Chrome makes sense. It may be necessary to block distracting websites or websites with obtrusive notifications in order to work as efficiently as possible.

Alternatively, you could want to protect a youngster from inappropriate content. Fortunately, banning websites on Chrome is a simple process. Here are some of the processes that can be followed to block these websites. Actuality, There are several approaches to blocking adult websites. 

1- How to Use Screen Time To Block a Webpage on Chrome

You can keep tabs on and restrict device usage using your Mac’s Screen Time settings. You can prevent access to unwanted websites by altering the settings.

Use Screen Time to block the websites listed below:

  • In the Apple menu, you can see ‘System Preferences’ where you will find ‘Screen Time’. 
  • Screen Time is selected; then click ‘Continue’.
  • Turn on Content & Privacy by clicking ‘Turn On’ in the sidebar.
  • Limit Adult Websites by clicking ‘Customise’ next to the Web Content section.
  • Click the + sign to add a website address in the Restricted area.
  • Restart the browser by clicking OK.

2- How to Use Chrome Extension To Block Websites

Social networking and other websites you find interesting have their place and time. But it becomes a problem when they start obstructing your ability to work. You can stop them momentarily by adding an extension.

  • To get a free Chrome website blocker:
  • Find “site blocker” by doing a search on the Chrome Web Store.
  • Click Add to Chrome after choosing a free extension that you like.
  • Open the extension’s settings by clicking it in the top right corner of your browser.
  • Save the modifications after adding undesired websites to the blacklist.

3- How to Use Safe Search To Block Pornographic Websites.

The internet isn’t exactly a kid-friendly environment. However, you may lessen the risk by utilizing Google Chrome’s SafeSearch feature, which helps to minimize children’s exposure to harmful websites.

  • Here’s how to activate Chrome’s SafeSearch filters:
  • Authenticate your Google account.
  • Please visit
  • Select the Chrome SafeSearch Filters option, then click ‘Enable SafeSearch’.
  • Remember that while SafeSearch assists in removing adult content, it does not impose any restrictions on access to search engines and connected websites.

4- On Chrome For Mobile, How to Ban Websites

Even if you use Chrome on your iPhone or iPad, you may still benefit from the built-in iOS capabilities to enhance your browsing experience.

  • For Chrome mobile to block a certain URL:
  • Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Screen Time’ in Settings
  • Select ‘Content Restrictions’ from the Content & Privacy Restrictions section.
  • Limit adult websites by selecting them under Web Content.
  • In the Add Website box, enter the URL you want to ban.
  • Click “Done” to save the changes.
  • Keep in mind that pornographic content is automatically restricted when utilizing Screen Time.

5- How to Add Websites to Chrome Enterprise’s Blacklist

You can use a different procedure to restrict websites if you are operating a Chrome browser for websites. 

  • To restrict a website in Chrome Browser, adhere to these steps:
  • Activate the Chromelist file.
  • Put the URLs you want to ban in there.
  • Release the modifications to all Chrome Enterprise users.
  • To implement the policy, restart the browser.


Regardless of the motivations behind your decision to Block Adult Websites on Google Chrome, you may easily and swiftly complete this task by following some technical recommendations. You might see a useful increase in productivity while attempting to avoid distractions. And since everything is simply reversible, if you change your mind by viewing these websites you can always provide access to those sites again.

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