How To Change Home Address in Tesla

A firm that sells electric vehicles In the US, Tesla is well-known for its cutting-edge technology, unique designs, and dedication to sustainability. Along with building electric vehicles that perform well, Tesla also offers a variety of extra features and services that improve the entire driving experience. 

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The ability to set home, work, and preferred addresses is one such feature that makes navigation quick and simple with Tesla vehicles. Google Maps, which is widely considered as being great, is used by Tesla’s navigation system. Since Tesla’s automatic navigation system also learns your driving patterns and frequent destinations, it is likely already aware of your residence.

The Usefulness Of Saving Home and Work Addresses

Both a home address and a business address can be set when you own a Tesla. To get there as fast and safely as possible, make sure your Tesla’s GPS is set to recognize your home location. 

You can take the most efficient route to work and arrive on time by setting your work address. If you have already saved your home as well as Work address, it saves your time and also it is safer as Tesla remembers the location. 

If you relocate or change jobs, it is possible in your Tesla to update your home or office address. It is essential to know how to add, configure, and modify your home and workplace addresses. The procedure of changing the address on the Tesla’s all models is the same and it utilizes the same software.

How to Change Home Address in Tesla Car

Your Electric Vehicle is already set up with your home and business addresses. But if you relocated to a different country or area or take a job at a new company, in such cases you perhaps want to change the address since it wasn’t set up differently and the map indicates a different location. So there is no need to worry. You can easily modify your home or workplace address in your Tesla. 

Now you choose the settings of home or work. Then you can feed the required information regarding your address. 

It is quite simple to Change your Home Address in Tesla Car

  • while you’re sitting in your Tesla Go to your touchscreen on your Tesla and tap the Navigation search box there. 
  • A pop-up will appear as you press and hold the icon you want to switch to for a few seconds when the icons for Home and Work is displayed.
  • To erase or delete the address that is listed thereon the touchscreen of your Tesla, press either the Clear Home or Clear Work buttons. When you want to change your home or office address, the previous address that was connected to your Tesla needs to be erased.
  • Tap on Clear Home or Clear Work. When you go back to the initial screen after clearing your home or work address, you will notice that your Tesla no longer has an address shown 
  • The screen where you initially tapped on Navigate will now say Set Home or Set Work when you return to it. That indicates that it hasn’t been given an address.
  • Now you choose the settings of home or work. Then you can feed the required information regarding your address. 
  • Type the address you wish to use to set it up after clicking Set Home or Set Work.
  • When finished, simply select Save as Home or Save as Work.

Benefits of Saving Home Address and Work Address

To enhance the navigating experience, Tesla owners can use a variety of map settings and switch between them easily. These map modes, which are available in Tesla vehicles, provide a range of perspectives, additional features, and functionality to cater to different tastes and special navigational needs. 

If you own a Tesla, a smart automobile that remembers where you go. Your smart car can navigate on autopilot when you have your Home and job address stored in it. The destination can be navigated automatically if you have saved the address of your home, workplace, or favorite locations.

1- Easier to Travel: Keep your home and work addresses up to date to make it easier to travel home or to work if you own a Tesla, a smart automobile that remembers where you go. 

2- Autopilot Navigation: By lowering your gear lever twice, you can also activate your Tesla’s navigation autopilot. Keep in mind that utilizing autopilot does not replace paying attention to the road; rather, it assists you in driving.

3- Route Calculations: You can calculate your route by entering your home and workplace addresses. When you enter your house or workplace, this will not only display the current traffic conditions but also the estimated travel time. Additionally, it will determine the number of miles you drive to and from work or home.

4- Location-Based Services: This can be enhanced by updating your home address in addition to navigation. If your Tesla is integrated with a smart home system, for instance, updating your home address can assist ensure that your car is always connected to your home network. This can make it simpler for you to settle into a comfortable routine once you reach home by enabling you to control things like lights and temperature from your car.

5- Improves Battery Life: Since your Tesla is an electric vehicle, saving your battery is the best course of action. You can do this by entering your home and workplace addresses. Your Tesla drains your battery when it is in Sentry Mode. When you are at your favorite spots, your house, or your place of employment, you can turn off Sentry Mode by going to your car’s touch screen and tapping on the car symbol.

When you see the Sentry Mode, tap on it to switch it off in your Tesla’s Safety & Security menu. Make sure the right addresses are saved in your Tesla if you’re experiencing trouble turning the Sentry Mode on and off.


Even though updating your home address on your Tesla may seem like a minor thing to do, it can have a big impact on how you drive. You may save time, lessen tension, and take advantage of a more convenient driving experience by making sure that your car always knows where you’re going and how to get there. It is therefore time to update your Tesla Model 3’s home address if you haven’t previously.

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