How to Claim Etsy Shop on Pinterest?

How to Claim Etsy Shop on Pinterest? Pinterest is more of a search engine even though it is frequently called a social media app. “Pins,” the term for content on Pinterest, are visual. Instead of spelling it out in words, they provide people with inspiration and solutions to their problems. 

With Pinterest, you can get your material in front of people without needing a sizable audience. Since the Pinterest algorithm aims to show users the most relevant pins, you have a chance to get your material seen as long as it is well-optimized and people are interested in it.

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Pinterest is one of the best resources for finding quality online material. You can follow and join Pinterest group boards that have several users that contribute content, in addition to following user-profiles and boards on the website. 

Because it enables you to reach a wide audience with minimal effort, Pinterest is a really effective marketing tool. Another distinctive feature of Pinterest is the ability for people to bookmark photos and videos (referred to as “pins”) so they may find your Etsy shop years after they first saw it.

How to Claim Etsy Shop On Pinterest

You can increase the number of potential consumers you reach and drive more referral traffic to your Etsy shop by declaring your business on Pinterest. 

Previously, you could claim your Etsy store on Pinterest. You can’t do this any longer, though. In February 2022, Pinterest (as well as YouTube and Instagram) removed the possibility of claiming your Etsy business and collected all the stats from those pins connecting to Etsy. You can only claim your domain at this time.

The ability to link your Etsy store to Pinterest is no longer available. If you can’t declare your Etsy shop on Pinterest, there are still a few ways you can use Pinterest to promote your shop, and in all honesty, I think these tactics are far superior to merely posting your listings there. 

As you know nobody will be successful in claiming an Etsy account on Pinterest. Neither YouTube, Etsy, Instagram, or any other platform supports the ‘claim your account’ option. You still have the option to “claim your website” to ensure that people sharing your content on Pinterest give you credit for it. Pinterest wants e-commerce retailers to leverage their catalog function in light of the site’s recent strong e-commerce slant.

Simply put, a catalog is a means for Pinterest to automatically add all the items that are sold on a specific website as Product Pins on Pinterest.

If you’ve uploaded your catalog to Pinterest, you’ll have access to all the app’s shopping capabilities and your pins will also turn into product pins, giving them access to a variety of features that are exclusive to product pins, such as showing stock and price and appearing in search results.

Points To Be Considered for Claiming Etsy Shop on Pinterest

If you don’t already have one, you should create one before you promote your Etsy store on Pinterest. A Pinterest business account must be made if you already have a personal account. You’ll need to include your company name, the website address for your store, and the Etsy store where you sell your goods when you create your account.

The extra information can be added to your profile after your account has been created. At this point, you can either use an image of yourself or your logo as your main image. Additionally, you have the option to manually build a banner or add one with a sneak peek at some of your products.

Making your pins using Pinterest’s preferred vertical size is the best method to accomplish this. Where can this be done? On Canva, you have the greatest choice for making pins for your Etsy store. This makes it incredibly easy because you can utilize templates that have already been formatted for Pinterest. 

You will need a Canva account to create Etsy shop pins on the platform. You can make the pins with a free account, but you’ll need to pay Canva Pro if you want access to more fonts, graphics, and other features. Give each product a webpage (with a unique URL) of its own. 

Create pins that are precisely keyworded, pin them to boards that are keyworded, and let Pinterest drive traffic to your website. Make sure you’ve done your keyword research and that your Pinterest account is optimized (you can learn how to achieve that by optimizing your bio on Pinterest here).

You may target the correct audience on Pinterest who is seeking, planning, and purchasing for their next big idea by utilizing Idea Pins and Regular Pins with the appropriate keywords and context within the pin.

Idea Pins can help you quickly establish credibility with your audience and enable direct purchases from them. 

Alternatively, if your target market requires extra nurturing before making a purchase, employing Idea Pins and Regular Pins will provide you a second chance to nurture the Pinner outside of Pinterest and in your blog, YouTube channel, or email marketing approach.

Advantages of Claiming an Etsy Shop on Pinterest

There are a lot of reasons why using Pinterest for Etsy might be a wonderful marketing strategy for your store:

  • When it comes to advertising and marketing your products, Etsy can handle a lot of the work for you. However, adding Pinterest to your marketing plan for your Etsy shop can help you reach a new audience and give you time back from social media so you can concentrate more on the launch of your next product. 
  • It could introduce you to a large number of people who would not otherwise notice your products. 
  • According to Pinterest, “46% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest.” This demonstrates that shoppers may be Pinterest users!
  • Since searching on Pinterest makes up a sizable portion of the site, users may be more inclined to buy your product if it appears in the search results and addresses their issue.
  • Long-term traffic from Pinterest can be consistent. The information on Pinterest lives forever, and a single pin might provide steady traffic for years. It’s not a platform where you upload a post and it instantly vanishes into the deep depths of the platform. 
  • A pin that you create and upload on Pinterest in just 10 minutes can result in a very high return on your time investment and generate a lot of traffic. The platform doesn’t take a lot of time, but the outcomes can be amazing.


It may be very profitable to advertise your Etsy products on Pinterest. Even over the long term, posting a few pins each day or week can attract a tonne of new customers to your products. This might be an excellent marketing approach for your Etsy shop if your target market spends time on Pinterest.

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