How to Clean Tesla White Seats?

How to Clean Tesla White Seats? To create an electric vehicle that was strong, elegant, and emission-free, Tesla was formally incorporated in 2003. The white interior, as against the black interior, seems better to hide creases and general wear and tear. It will, however, be easier to see dirt because it is white. Using a microfiber towel and some water is the best suitable suggestion for cleaning the seats every few weeks. If coffee is accidentally spilled on the seat once, the hydrophobic material prevents the liquid from drying into the material and it allows the paper towel to readily absorb the coffee. 

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The white interior has garnered a lot of praise. It is easy to clean and the little creases that do happen are hardly noticeable. The interior white color in automobiles seems better and makes the interior feel spacious. However, black covers have a reputation for leaving stains on the seats, which are barely noticeable. 

Why White Seats Need Special Care

White seats in a Tesla look stunning and require almost little care. Even though imitation leather is quite durable, stains from denim are still difficult to remove. It is difficult to easily remove these stains.

The faux vegan leather used on the all-white seats is made of a textile material that is covered with plastic on one side to make it look like real leather. These seats are made of polyurethane. Genuine leather care products are inappropriate since artificial leather cannot absorb care goods the way that animal leather can.

How To Clean Tesla White Seats

Since a Tesla is a significant investment, you want to make sure it is kept tidy and in good working order. An anti-soiling layer is present on white and tan leather. Detergents and professional leather cleaners and conditioners should not be used since they have the risk of drying out or discoloring the leather. Putting a seat cover or applying a protective coating are the two simplest ways to safeguard the white seats on your Tesla. Also, some more options and cleaning methods can be adopted. 

1- Put A Seat Cover  

The simplest method to keep the white seats clean is to put a seat cover because all you have to do is pick the appropriate one for your Model S. The majority of seat covers are also machine washable, making spills and stains easy to get rid of. 

2- Apply Protective Coating

A more resilient choice that won’t hide your interior is ceramic or protective coatings. For many years, a protective coating can keep your seats free of stains and other grit.

3- Other Cleaning Options

If in case you eat or drink in the car and some tea or coffee spills on the white seat or if any such spot is left on the white seat due to any reason, you will be willing to clean your white seat as early as possible. Some cleaning methods help keep your white seat spotless. 

4- Wet Baby Wipes

The color of your trousers won’t transfer to your white Tesla seats if you regularly clean them with baby wipes. However, you shouldn’t use standard wet wipes. They usually contain solvents and other strong chemical compounds in comparison to baby wipes. Artificial leather is fairly sensitive, so care should be used when handling it.

5- Use Isopropyl Alcohol

For tough stains on polyurethane seats, Tesla advised isopropyl alcohol. As quickly as possible, clean up spills with a soft cloth wet with warm water and a non-foaming soap. Use circular motions to wipe. Use isopropyl alcohol and a moist cloth to remove tough stains off Ultra White car seats. After cleaning, let the seats dry naturally.

6- Cleanser/Magic Sponge

This household cleaning product can remove even the toughest stains and dirt. Thanks to its abrasive properties, use it with great caution when applying it to the Tesla seats. The incorrect application of the cleanser, which results in abrasion, can quickly cause damage to the seat material. Only use extremely mild pressure when applying the sponge to the leather surface after fully wetting it with water.

7- Gyeon Q2 Leather Seal

Gyeon Q2 Leather Seal Leather Shield is a product that claims to be appropriate for all types of leather and decreases denim fading through sealing. For the care of synthetic leather, experts in the field have created specialized products. But they are not created from the same components as products that are made from genuine leather. As an example, Colourlock offers a care package to clean and protect synthetic leather. 

8- Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of any loose dirt on the white artificial leather seats in Tesla. If the dirt or stain on your seats is only light, you can simply remove it with a simple cleaning procedure and ordinary tools.

Tips to Keep Clean Your Tesla White Seats

  1. Avoid Dark-Colored New Dresses While Sitting in the White Seated Car: White seats are at the mercy of dark apparel. In such attire, the stains will come off if you sit on a white seat for a long period. You can stay away from wearing dark clothing like denim pants for this.
  2. Avoid Sitting With Wet Clothes in The Car: We frequently get wet during the rainy season and sit on the white seat while wearing wet clothes. The exquisite colors of your attire cast colorful patterns on the white seat of your Tesla. So keep your clothing dry and stay off the white seat.
  3. Avoid Denim Clothing: Don’t let clothing like denim that has dyes on it come into touch with the seats. Over time, dyes can permeate the seat fabric and leave stains.
  4. Avoid Eating and Drinking Car: In addition to the above tips, you may protect the white seats in your Tesla by not eating or drinking in the car and by not donning denim.


When it comes to cleaning the white seats of Tesla, one could assume that a high-tech and elegant vehicle would call for a more sophisticated method. But you need to use simply a microfiber cloth, light soap, and water to clean the white seats regularly, and you’re ready to go. But, indeed, with the clean, sophisticated look of an all-white interior, dirt, and stains tend to accumulate more quickly. Except for cleaning when dealing with difficult stains or deeply buried dirt, maintaining it white as snow doesn’t need much effort.

In addition to these options, you may protect the white seats in your Tesla by not eating or drinking in the car and by not donning denim. But in case you find that there is some dirt or spot, use microfiber towels, distilled water, Castile soap, and a spray bottle. These are all that are required to clean the sparkling white Tesla seats. The issue is resolved by simply misting the solution on the affected area and gently wiping it with a soft cloth.

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