How To Connect Xbox Controller to Tesla Model 3

How To Connect Xbox Controller to Tesla Model 3? The in-car entertainment offered by Tesla automobiles is renowned. Drivers can have fun playing a variety of games while their cars are charging or while they are idling. For a better experience, you may even utilize a game controller. A few games will also require you to connect a controller to play.

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If you have to connect your Xbox controller to Tesla Model use a data cable to connect your Xbox controller to your Tesla Model 3 main display instead of a charge-only USB cord as it lacks the data transmission feature. You can do this by using the USB-C ports in the center console or the USB-A port in the glove box. If you would like a wireless connection or if your controller cannot be linked to your Tesla via cable, in that case, there are a few instructions to be followed to connect the Xbox controller with Tesla Model 3.

A Microsoft video gaming console that is enormously well-liked, is known as Xbox. Initially, the Xbox was a popular home entertainment system. But Microsoft produced a line of video gaming consoles called Xbox. The Xbox controllers may be connected to Tesla Model 3. Handheld controllers are included with Xbox family consoles, and Xbox Live is an internet service that lets users download and play games with others.

What is Xbox Controller

We are in the peak of the gaming controller era, which you might not be aware of. Compared to gamepads from just a few console generations ago, those currently on the market are better-built, more adaptable, and more customizable. There are many excellent third-party alternatives available for Xbox Series X and Series S (or Windows PC) gamers, in addition to first-party controllers of the highest caliber. 

The buttons on this controller are arranged in the typical Xbox way, with asymmetrical thumb sticks and satisfyingly tactile buttons. The round directional pad is a great improvement over earlier models’ mushy, cross-shaped directional pads. The grips and triggers of the 2020 Xbox controller include a micro-dot texture to make them easier to hold onto during long gaming sessions. The body of the controller is made of plastic. Although it is a little heavier, the Elite controller has rubberized grips and customizable triggers.

With many PC games, you may play without a keyboard or mouse and instead use an Xbox controller. Do you intend to play PC games on an Xbox controller? These Xbox controllers may typically be connected to a Windows device via a USB connection, a wireless adaptor, or Bluetooth. The majority of the time, premium ABS and related materials are used to create these Xbox controllers. These Xbox controllers for PC are renowned for their straightforward integration in addition to their great performance, attractive design, extended shelf life, and durability.

What is Tesla Model 3

Along with being a remarkable electric car, the Tesla Model 3 offers several entertainment amenities, such as the ability to play video games on its big touchscreen display. While using a physical gamepad is more familiar and convenient for some people, the touchscreen is also intuitive. You can connect your Xbox controller to your Tesla Model 3 if you’re a serious gamer. But you should know that all Xbox controllers are not compatible with Tesla Model 3. Xbox Wireless Controllers that use Bluetooth for wireless connectivity are only compatible with the Model 3. Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One controllers are some of these.

The leader in the field of electric vehicles is still the Tesla Model 3. Technically, it has three models (the AWD Long Range made a comeback in early May after an eight-month hiatus) that provide longer range and better performance than most rivals, and Tesla’s Supercharger network continues to be a significant advantage in the real world. Although recent price reductions have made it more appealing to hesitant EV adopters, this unusual automobile is not for everyone. The Model 3 still provides a fantastic value proposition, even though the price may change and the silhouette is well-known.

How to Connect Xbox Controller to Tesla Model 3 

If you own a Tesla Model 3, you might be curious about how to connect your Xbox controller to the infotainment system in your vehicle. This capability may be useful for individuals who want to play games while driving a long distance, those who want to use their Xbox controller as a remote for media playback, or both. It’s quite simple to pair the Xbox controller. For connecting your Xbox controller with Tesla Model 3, you will need the following things.

Things You’ll Need

You will need a few items before we begin:

  1. Microsoft Xbox controller with Bluetooth
  2. Tesla Model 3
  3. Internet access 
  4. A USB cable for the Tesla Model 3
  5. Cybersling (for neatly organizing your Xbox controller and cords)

Step-Wise Instructions to Connect Xbox Controller to Tesla Model 3

1- Get a Wireless Adapter

 To connect a wireless Xbox controller to your Tesla Model 3, you need a Bluetooth adapter that is wireless. The well-liked Bluetooth dongle is the best solution that you might employ in this situation.

2- Connect the Wireless Adapter

Connect the wireless adapter then activate pairing mode. It’s time to connect a wireless USB adapter to your Tesla once you have one in your possession. The car’s USB ports can be used for this. Enter the USB port with the controller. On Tesla Model 3 models that were released before November 2021, the USB port is located in the center console. The USB port is a characteristic of more recent Tesla models and is located inside the glove box. 

3- On the Tesla Model 3, Activate Gamepad Mode.

Start your Tesla Model 3 and make sure Park mode is selected.

The main menu will open when you tap on the Tesla “T” at the touchscreen’s top center.

4- Make Your Way to “Toybox” and Choose “Tesla Arcade.”

Tap on the gamepad symbol in the lower right corner of the Tesla Arcade menu to access it.

With the Gamepad Mode activated, your Tesla Model 3 will be able to recognize and connect with the Xbox controller.

 5- Activate Pairing Mode

Once the wireless USB adapter is connected to your Tesla, you must activate pairing mode by holding down the pairing button. Different brands of wireless USB adapters have different locations for the pairing button.

6- Set Your Xbox Controller’s Bluetooth to On Position.

  • By pressing the Xbox button at the center top, you can turn on your Xbox controller.
  • On the controller’s top, close to the USB connector, look for the tiny circular button.
  • When the Xbox logo begins to flash, the controller is in pairing mode. Press and hold the button until that happens.
  • By doing this, you can make the Xbox controller discoverable by other devices by turning on its Bluetooth connectivity. It is near to the charging port. As a result, your gamepad will go into pairing mode.

7- Connect Your Tesla Model 3 to Your Controller

Select the Bluetooth icon from the main menu on your Tesla Model 3. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on. Your automobile is now searching for nearby devices. Select the “Xbox Wireless Controller” option when it appears on the list of compatible gadgets.

8- Check Your Controller

Once your Xbox controller and Tesla Model 3 have been successfully synced, you may test it out. Open the game or media player, then use your Xbox controller to navigate the menus.


You may now use the huge touchscreen in your Tesla Model 3 to play games after properly connecting your Xbox controller. Choose a game by navigating the Tesla Arcade menu’s selection of options. The combination of a Tesla Model 3 with an Xbox controller offers an engaging gaming experience while you’re traveling, whether you favor racing games or timeless old games.

You can spice up your car travels with some entertainment by connecting your Xbox controller to your Tesla Model 3. By following the simple procedures, you may quickly pair your controller with your car’s infotainment system and begin playing games or controlling media playback. Whether you’re a devoted gamer or just looking for something to do to pass the time on a long trip, this feature is worthwhile trying.

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