How To Get a Passport in Alaska?

How To Get a Passport in Alaska? When it comes to cross-border travel, passports might be thought of as the “keys to the world,” but getting a passport can be a hassle, especially for individuals looking for international identification. To obtain new passports or have existing ones renewed, the majority of Americans with passports based outside of the country will still need to travel to big cities like Houston, New York, and Chicago, or their home country.

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But on some occasions, it is possible to renew a certain kind of passport somewhere else: For the first time, the necessary biometric machine for that particular registration process was brought to town.

A passport is a widely accepted travel document that authenticates the bearer’s identity and nationality. Most foreign nations demand a current U.S. passport to enter and exit. The only agency with jurisdiction to grant, issue, or validate US passports is the US Department of State.

A successful journey depends on having your passport when you need it. It will take at least 8 weeks for a local Alaskan passport office or acceptance facility to process a passport application. 

Depending on whether your passport application materials contain faults, there may occasionally be further delays. can help you expedite your passport application in as little as 3 business days after you’ve finished your passport appointment (required only for new passport applications), and they’ll take expert care to ensure that all of your documents are accurate and that the application is processed promptly.

Important Points to Remember Regarding Alaska Passport Facility

There are several places in Alaska, including various post offices, courthouses, clerk’s offices, and other government facilities, where you can get a passport from the United States, get one, or update other travel papers.

In Alaska, there are no regional passport offices. There are only a few choices available to residents for obtaining a passport: they must go to one of the local offices, where they can obtain their passport in 3–8 weeks. Alaskan citizens might choose to use a passport expediting service to have their application personally delivered to a regional office in another city as visiting a regional facility is not an option. A visit to one of the regional Alaska acceptance agents will also be required unless the applicant is making a renewal, page addition, or name change.

There are about 45 passport acceptance locations in 42 Alaskan cities, serving an average of 1000 persons each. You can view all of the local passport offices by selecting a city in Alaska. You can apply for a passport, get your documents sealed, receive a kid’s passport, renew your passport, or get assistance replacing a lost passport at these nearby passport acceptance agents. The quickest you can get a passport from any of these regional offices is 4-6 weeks.

There are over 45 passport offices in Alaska where residents of the United States can apply for new passports by submitting Form DS-11 and supporting documentation. The vast majority of acceptance facilities in Anchorage are found inside municipal halls or post offices in various locations. Appointments are typically needed at facilities. Before visiting, kindly call.

It normally takes 4 to 6 weeks to process an application form. It takes 2 to 3 weeks for expedited services. Passport applicants with immediate travel requirements can obtain this service quickly by visiting the regional office in Seattle or by permitting a passport expediting courier service to apply on their behalf.

Two appointment kinds are available at local passport offices:

TheLife-or-Death Emergency Service: This service is generally preferred in life-or-death crises where there are serious illnesses, injuries, or deaths in your immediate family (parent, legal guardian, child, spouse, sibling, and grandparent) that need your leaving the country within three business days. Please call the National Passport Information Centre to schedule an appointment if you need to travel because of a legitimate life-or-death situation.

Urgent Travel Service:  If you want Urgent Travel Service, you must contact us 14 days before your planned international departure, or 28 days in advance if you also need to obtain a foreign visa. Please contact the NPIC if you require immediate travel for any reason other than a life-or-death emergency.

Passport in Case of any Emergency

If an emergency arises that necessitates your rapid departure from the nation and the requirement for a passport, you might choose a private expeditor. You can receive a passport in 24-48 hours with the help of an expeditor. The same service may be provided by a local passport office, but you must first schedule an interview with the National Passport Centre to do so. 

Depending on how soon you require your travel passport, the cost of these services varies. A registered expedited passport courier can frequently help with passport applications urgently sometimes within 24 hours.

Regional passport agencies are not present in every city, county, or state, but private expeditors are available all over the city. Seattle Passport Agency in Washington State is the closest. Keep in mind that making an appointment is required before visiting.

How to Get a Passport in Alaska

Alaskans who need a passport now have a convenient way to get one quickly through FedEx Office. Through RushMyPassport, your nearby FedEx Office offers expedited passport procedures.

Use smart-form applications, flawless passport images, and safe expedited shipment to benefit from a speedy and seamless process.

To get your passport delivered to your Anchorage, Alaska home or place of business promptly and affordably, we provide detailed procedures that are simple to follow. 

Please get in touch with our knowledgeable advisors at Ambassador Passport and Visa Services to hurry your passport to Anchorage, Alaska, if you have any queries about expediting your passport in the area of Anchorage, Alaska, call 800-826-4558.

How to Apply for a Passport in Alaska

If you meet the following requirements, you must apply in person:

  • You’re requesting your first passport from the United States, 
  • You are younger than 16 or your previous passport was issued while you were younger than 16 or your prior passport was destroyed, lost, or stolen
  • If it’s been more than 15 years since you received a U.S. passport,
  • You are unable to legally document your name change because it has changed since your U.S. passport was issued.

Complete the Form DS-11:

  • Application for a U.S. Passport should be finished and submitted.
  • Apply in person only
  • Must submit your Social Security number
  • Must not sign the application before being instructed to do so by the acceptance agent

Offer Proof of Citizenship and Identification Documents:

1- Proof of citizenship: One of the following documents is sufficient as proof of citizenship in the United States. 

  • Every birth record must adhere to U.S. Department of State requirements, Or
  • Original birth certificate from the state with an embossed, colored, or raised seal
  • State-issued birth certificate certified copy with raised, colored, or embossed seal

2- Proof of birth: Copies of birth certificates are required which are obtained from their site. 

  • Certified birth certificate from the city, county
  • State Report of Birth Abroad

U.S. citizens born abroad are needed to submit the following:

  • Original Naturalisation Certificate (Adults 18 and older)
  • Original Consular Report of Birth Abroad Form FS240
  • Birth Abroad Report Certification Original Form DS-1350
  • Original citizenship certificate

3- Verifying Identity 

  • Current driver’s license from the state. A second form of identification is necessary for an out-of-state driver’s license.
  • ID card currently provided by the state
  • Existing military

4- Identity Certificate: Front and back photocopies of identity certificates are available at the Passport Services office.

5- Photo for a passport: One current photo for a passport that was taken within the last six months Passport Services offers a photo service for $15.00.The following Bethel places offer photo opportunities.

Call 543-1805 to contact Bethel Alaska PC at 460 Ridgecrest Drive.

6- Two payments are required

  • The first payment is due to the U.S. Department of State; only checks or money orders are acceptable.
  • Secondly, send a cheque, money order, cash, credit card, or debit card to the UAF Campus Mail Centre.

For each application requesting expedited processing, you must pay a $60.00 expedited fee in addition to the passport fee.

You must pay the US Department of State an extra $19.53 if you want to arrange an overnight delivery return. 

Please visit the US Department of State website to find out the current processing times.

Wrapping Up

Along with restoring a lost, stolen, or damaged passport, you can also apply for new adult and child passports. For these services, an acceptance agent is still necessary. Customers of RushMyPassport at FedEx Office gain access to professional support in shorter processing times. So there are fewer application-related delays. With locations all around the state, including Ketchikan, Anchorage, Fairbanks, and more, FedEx Office provides Alaskans with a practical choice.

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