How to Install Google Chrome on Steam Deck?

How to Install Google Chrome on Steam Deck? Google Chrome is one of the most well-liked web browsers available. People adore this web browser since it functions nicely on so many different gadgets. When using Google Services, the functionality is excellent. Did you know that Google Chrome can be installed on your Steam Deck as well as your smartphone, computer, and even smart TV? You can still use your preferred web browser on your portable gaming device, yes!

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What is Steam Deck

The Steam Deck, a new handheld gaming system from Valve, was introduced to everyone’s amazement. It wants to compete with products like the Nintendo Switch and take some of its market share. We believe Valve has a fantastic opportunity because the Switch Pro won’t be arriving anytime soon.

The Steam Deck technically isn’t a game console, but we could call it a hybrid gadget. It is, in reality, a portable computer that can run any PC application. Since the device’s primary operating system, called SteamOS, is based on Linux, you may very much access any program that is available for Linux computers.

Even PC gamers are enthused about the Steam Deck since it has stirred up such a commotion in the gaming world. This is so that it stands apart from other handheld devices on the market. Here, we’ll go into great detail regarding the Steam Deck and address all of your key inquiries.

The Steam Deck is the most well-known recent attempt to create a fantastic mobile gaming PC, which is almost impossible. The device is extremely similar to the Nintendo Switch, the current leader in portable gaming, but it is an entirely different beast that is more powerful, more expensive, and undoubtedly more difficult. For those who are unaware, this is a portable gaming PC featuring an AMD processor, a 7-inch 1,280×800 display, and either 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB of storage.

Currently, there is a long waiting list for Steam Deck, only reservation-based access is permissible to the Steam Deck. On February 25, 2022, the first Steam Deck portable devices were made available. Since then, more units have progressively become available to those who paid $5 to reserve one, although the waiting list is still quite lengthy.

Only the US, UK, Canada, the EU, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are presently accepting reservations. More nations will soon be able to order it, according to Valve.

It’s not as difficult to install Google Chrome on the Steam Deck as you might imagine. If you want to install Google Chrome on your Steam Deck, you can do it using one of two methods.

How to Install Google Chrome on Steam Deck 

You can choose from a few alternatives to download and install Chrome on Steam Deck. Because Chrome isn’t available in the default app store, Steam Deck operates on Linux. You can, however, either use the built-in browser or download Chrome from third parties.

By switching to desktop mode, you can install Chrome on Steam Deck. From there, you may use the same method as you would on any other Linux computer to access the software center and download, and install Chrome. As an alternative, you can manually install the Chrome package after downloading it from the official website.

It won’t take you more than a few minutes to install Chrome on Steam Deck because it’s a simple process. You may browse the web using Chrome. You may quickly install Google Chrome by using the Steam Library.

Through the Non-Steam Applications section of the Steam Library, you can add Google Chrome to your Steam Deck. This is a straightforward approach. These are the steps to be followed to install Google Chrome

  • Press the Steam button on your Steam Deck to turn on the Steam Deck.
  • Select Library from the menu now.
  • To go to the Non-Steam tab, press the R1 button on your Steam Deck.
  • A pop-up will show up on your screen if this is the first time you are installing a non-Steam app.
  • This pop-up will present you with an opportunity to download Google Chrome.
  • On your screen, simply highlight and click the Add Chrome option.
  • Your Steam Deck will now start installing Google Chrome.

2- Install Google Chrome on Steam Deck in Desktop Mode. 

The next technique listed below might be used if you’re looking for an alternative method to install Google Chrome on your Steam Deck.

On Steam Deck you can install Google Chrome in desktop mode. 

You can always switch to desktop mode on the Steam Deck if installing Google Chrome through the Steam Library makes you inconvenient. The typical PC-like interface that you are familiar with and have used for years is available to you while using Desktop Mode on the Steam Deck. If for some reason throughout the instructions when utilizing the Steam library, you forgot to install the browser, you can install Google Chrome using this approach.

  • The Power option must be chosen before you switch To Desktop. It will be necessary to reboot the Steam Deck.
  • Then go to your Steam Deck and press the Steam button first.
  • Pick the “Discover” option with a ‘shopping bag’ icon after restarting the device in desktop mode.
  • Enter “Chrome” in the search box. When Google Chrome appears in the search results, choose it and click Install.
  • Select the ‘Plus’ icon and pick the“Non-Steam Game” after installing the browser on your Steam Deck.
  • Choose “Add Selected Programme” after choosing Google Chrome from the list.
  • Google Chrome is now available in the Steam Library.

Now after completing this process, you have the option of using Google Chrome in Desktop Mode or Steam Library Mode.

Advantages of Using Google Chrome on Steam Deck

It’s a nice convenience that Valve built into Steam Deck, which prompts players to download Google Chrome. Thus, two issues are resolved. Users now understand how to use the non-Steam tab in their library, which is the first improvement. The second is that by encouraging users to install the most widely used browser on the market, Valve eliminated the need for them to figure out how to add a browser.


The installation of Google Chrome on your Steam Deck is now complete. While you have two options, the first one is not only straightforward but also, in most cases, a quicker approach to get the web browser on your Steam Deck. On your PC, Mac, or smartphone, Google Chrome will operate exactly as it would on the Steam Deck.

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