How To Open Glovebox inTesla Model 3

How To Open Glovebox in Tesla Model 3? A glove box is a storage area in a car that is often located on the dashboard or the central console. Tesla cars have a unique feature called the “Glove Box” that provides extra storage for the driver and passengers. It is made from high-quality materials and has a contemporary design that fits in well with the inside of the car.

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Special Features Of Glove Box in Tesla Model 3

There are several ways in which the Tesla Glove Box is different from typical glove boxes. It is spacious and has enough for keeping priceless papers, sunglasses, and other individual belongings. It also has a shelf that can be adjusted to accommodate tiny items like pencils, money, and keys.

Advantages of Glove Box in Tesla Model 3

Both drivers and passengers can be benefitted from the Tesla Glove Box in several ways. Increased storage capacity, better organization, increased accessibility, and aesthetic appeal are a few of these.

  1. Storage Space Expansion: The Tesla Glove Box gives drivers and passengers more room for storing items like sunglasses, critical papers, and other personal items.
  2. Enhanced Organization: The Tesla Glove Box’s adjustable shelf can be utilized to arrange smaller objects like pens, money, and keys. This keeps the car neat and organized.
  3. Better Accessibility: The Tesla Glove Box is placed on the dashboard of the vehicle, making it simple for both drivers and passengers to access.
  4. Aesthetic Appeal: The Tesla Glove Box’s elegant form blends perfectly with the interior of the vehicle, enhancing its overall appeal.

How To Open Glovebox in Tesla Model 3

There are three ways to open the glovebox in your Tesla, Despite the numerous fascinating features it has, Tesla is pretty and simple to operate once you figure it out.

Method 1: Voice Command

  • Voice command is the simplest and most sensible way to open the Tesla glove box on the Model 3. Using your Tesla Model 3 unique voice command button is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to unlock the glove box.
  • On the steering wheel to your right, there is a particular voice-directing tool button. It must be pressed down firmly and not let go.
  • Say “Open the glove box” aloud right now. The success of opening the glove box will be shown by a notification on the main screen.
  • Immediately perceptible effects are the glove box opening and backlight illumination. Your entire course of action was successful.
  • A little window prompting you to enter the glove box pin code may display after the voice command if you previously enabled this option in your Tesla model’s settings. The correct pin code needs to be entered to unlock the glove box.

Method 2: Using The Touchscreen

Using your Tesla’s touchscreen to perform this action is another alternative for how to open the glove box compartment of a Model 3. It’s also fairly easy to carry out. Find the car symbol on the main screen of your automobile, and then tap it. You’ll see the Tesla control menu in front of you. You must search for a car icon that resembles an open glove box in it. The Open Glove Box button will also be indicated by text at the bottom of the page. It will automatically open the glove box. 

Method 3: Open The Latch By Hand

After attempting the two techniques and failing for some reason, you have the option of attempting to unlock the glove box yourself using various tools. You shouldn’t be afraid because it is not as challenging as it first appears to be. You must strictly adhere to the instructions listed here to be able to manually unlock the glove box latch: By applying pressure to the clasp and dragging it towards you, you can open the Tesla glove box.

If you are still not able to open it use the touchscreen in the car or the key fob to unlock the passenger-side door if it is locked. Open the passenger door by removing the lock. The side panel is visible towards the end of the dashboard on the passenger side. It can easily be removed because it is simply secured by a few clips. Please pull the side panel of the door away from the frame with a light tug. 

Obtain an Allen key or a tool with a hook. To release the latch, insert roughly an inch of the hook into the far-left hole. In the vicinity of the lock mechanism, look for an Allen key. Please place it there and crank it anticlockwise to mechanically release the latch. Once the lock has been taken off, you can release it with a different Allen key or your fingers.

Additional Safety Measure of Using Glove Box Pin

How you use your glove box is entirely up to you, but if you plan to keep anything valuable in there, you might want to consider setting up a PIN for it. It can only be accessed by people who know your PIN, then. Even while the glove box isn’t quite safe, you might occasionally store anything valuable there, therefore it’s best to keep it secured.

Go to the Quick Controls menu, then Safety & Security, and then Glove Box PIN to set a PIN. You can then set your PIN by simply adhering to the instructions. Don’t panic if you forget your PIN; it happens to everyone, just like with any other app or service that requires a PIN. Whenever you want, you can reset it by logging into your Tesla account. You may quickly reset yours by clicking the Reset button at the bottom of the glove box PIN screen.


A unique feature of Tesla vehicles is its glove box which offers several benefits to both drivers and passengers. It provides greater storage space, better organization, more accessibility, and an improved aesthetic. When purchasing a Tesla Glove Box, considerations such as price, installation requirements, and individual preferences should be kept in mind.

If you want to make your Tesla vehicle more functional and aesthetically pleasing, a Tesla Glove Box might be the answer. With its chic style and practical features, it will undoubtedly enhance the organization and enjoyment of your driving experience. I hope you like the post How To Open Glovebox in Tesla Model 3 and please do share with others.

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