How to Promote Amazon Products on Pinterest?

How to Promote Amazon Products on Pinterest? One of the most well-liked ways to generate money online in the digital age is through Amazon Affiliate Marketing, which has opened up new chances. One of the biggest social media networks, Pinterest, offers a perfect setting to increase Amazon Affiliate Marketing income.

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About Amazon Affiliated

The “Amazon Affiliate” program, which is also known as the Amazon Associate program, might be a simple way to monetize your blog or website or for your product. The Amazon Associates Program takes a few minutes to sign up, get immediate approval, and add Amazon affiliate connections to your website. It’s as simple as that: if someone makes an Amazon purchase through one of your links, you get paid.

Cross-channel marketing has long been recognized as a crucial component of the e-commerce industry, especially among Amazon sellers. The development of marketing techniques by Amazon brands and enterprises includes platform advertising. However, not everybody is aware of Pinterest Advertising as a potential resource for formulating key business goals.

How to Promote Amazon Products on Pinterest

There are a plethora of affiliate programs available. However, because it’s most likely the largest of them all, Amazon Associates is one of the most lucrative for most bloggers. To pin Amazon affiliate links, obviously, you must first have an associate account set up. Then, you need to give each or each Pinterest pin a special tracking number. How to do it is extremely easy :

  1. Log into your Amazon Associates account: after logging in to your Associate account use the built-in toolbar to build a link for the item you’re advertising to create an Amazon affiliate link. Your individual affiliate ID is included in this link, enabling Amazon to trace any associated sales and award you with the relevant commission.
  2. Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing: When a customer uses an affiliate link of an Amazon product on Pinterest to make a purchase, the affiliate who promotes the company’s goods or services, earns a commission. It means that in exchange for a commission on profitable sales, you promote the products of Amazon on Pinterest for your audience.
  3. Use of Pinterest For Affiliating Links From Amazon: How to effectively advertise Amazon products on Pinterest is directly related to Pinterest Advertising. Pinterest offers businesses and it promotes brands which is a one-of-a-kind tool called Pinterest Advertising that helps grow brand recognition, boost conversion rates, and enhance sales. Advertising on Pinterest comes in a variety of forms that help retailers who want to step up their game and take their businesses to the next level in diverse ways and in ways that are comparable to each other.
  4. Don’t Just Rely on One Site: Think about including several links to various products in your pins. This may raise the likelihood that your followers will click through and buy anything, which may increase the revenue you receive.
  5. Make an Amazon Product-Related Post or Page: Include the no pin property when you upload a personal photo to your website that pertains to or depicts the product. The affiliate link should be pasted in the link box when you pin that image to Pinterest alone.
  6. Promoted Pins: From a visual standpoint, the initial Pinterest advertisement structure is the most straightforward. The pins that have already been promoted are referred to as promoted pins. They can be found in the category and home feeds as well as in pertinent search results. Pins with the “Promoted by” label are distinguished from those without it. Greater exposure to the target demographic on a regular basis is why advertisers invest in and introduce this ad style. Promoted Pins increase traffic and brand recognition while also engaging customers.
  7. Use Amazon Product Images On Your Website: Product images can be used in a variety of ways on Amazon. You can make use of the API codes or the image code provided by Stripe. Through the Associates Program, you can get free access to product pictures. Use the Quick Links or Browse for Products sections of the Associates Central homepage to search for products, type keywords or product numbers into the search box on the Product Links page, or click the Get Banner button on the Promotions page to access link-building options that let you create HTML-based images. Use the “Image” button on the SiteStripe toolbar to grab image codes directly from product pages, or go all-out and use the Product Advertising API. The API is a well-developed tool that offers image URLs to genuine associates

Things To Be Remembered

When posting content about Amazon products on Pinterest, bear the following in mind:

  • Make sure your visuals are of the highest caliber and interesting first.
  • Bright pins are more frequently repinned than dark ones, so bright pins are preferable.
  • Images that are vertical are preferred. Since many Pinterest users use their mobile devices, long images perform best. The ideal image dimension is roughly 736 by 1102 pixels.
  • Pair your photographs with captivating, evocative writing
  • You are supposed to be inventive. capture your audience with a narrative
  • Put your logo on the photographs you post so that when people re-pin them, they will see your brand.

Images are the main component of Pinterest pins, as we already mentioned. Therefore, if you want to start using Pinterest, you must have excellent, effective photographs of your goods.


Fortunately, after you figure out how to promote Amazon Products on Pinterest, there is no reason to hold back from promotion on this popular platform.If you are already an Amazon seller, you have already taken the first step towards introducing your brand to Pinterest consumers. 

The important thing is to choose a product that is successful on Amazon if you are simply considering beginning a business. It will make the road to starting to sell more rosy. Remember that clever advertising must be used to build Pinterest ads.

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