How to See Your Facebook Password on Android

How to See Your Facebook Password on Android? One of the social media sites that has radically changed how people communicate online is Facebook. When using Facebook, there are undoubtedly some drawbacks. For example, Facebook does not operate on Android, and there are issues with Facebook comments not loading.

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Furthermore, the majority of users who access Facebook on their cell phones save their Facebook passwords on the gadget. You are likely to forget the password for your account because the service does not need you to enter it every time you wish to log in. What should you do, therefore, if you wish to view the Facebook passwords or sign in to another device using the same Facebook account?

The most well-known social media sites in the world are Facebook and Twitter. It surpasses other social media platforms with 2.963 billion users who are active. Have you ever, however, been in a bind where you had to use your Android device to log in to Facebook but couldn’t remember your Facebook password? 

But with so many social media accounts to remember passwords, it might be difficult to remember your Facebook password. We frequently forget the most important passwords since we have a never-ending list of passwords for different internet sites to remember. But it’s possible to view your Facebook password on an Android device without having to go through the trouble of password recovery. 

Why You Need to See Your Facebook Password

Your smartphone will remember your password, saving you the hassle of having to manually log in each time. But if you’ve lost your login information, you can then access and restore your login information. You might have forgotten your password if you haven’t used Facebook in a while.

You might still be signed in to the Facebook app, though.

In that situation, you have a few options for what to do next.

In the beginning, you can choose to change your Facebook password by clicking the “Forgot password?” option on the Facebook login page.

As an alternative, you might try your luck and see if your gadget has stored your Facebook password.

You won’t need to reset it if your device has your Facebook password saved.

However, a lot of people don’t know how to view their Facebook passwords.

How to See Your Facebook Password on Android

Since Facebook passwords are encrypted and securely stored, you are unable to read them directly on an Android smartphone. Unfortunately, if you utilize the Facebook app on an Android device, you are out of luck.

The passwords you have saved on your smartphone are not shown in the app. You must log out of your account first, then select the Forget password option to be able to restore your Facebook password using the app.

To see your Facebook password on Android, you can use a few different techniques. In order to recover your Facebook password without difficulty, we have listed them step-by-step.

First Method – Through Your Device’s Saved Passwords

  • Look through your device’s saved passwords to find your Facebook password.
  • On both Android and iPhone devices, you may check your saved passwords.
  • By going to “Passwords” in your phone’s settings, iPhone users can view their saved passwords.
  • You’ll be able to see every password you’ve stored, including Facebook, once you’re in the “Passwords” tab.
  • By accessing the “Password Manager” using your Google account on Android, you can view the passwords you’ve previously saved.
  • You might be able to locate your Facebook password in the “Password Manager,” which keeps a record of all the passwords you’ve previously saved.
  • The saving of passwords may have been disabled if you were unable to locate it.
  • If such is the situation, you need to reset a new password. 

Second Method: Using Facebook Website

  • To access a Facebook account, open the app. If you don’t already have it, you may get it from the Google Play Store.
  • Your email address or phone number and password are entered into fields on the login page. 
  • You ought to notice the “Forgot Password?” link beneath the password field. Tap it.
  • Your account detail is required here, Input the entire name or phone number connected to your account together with your email address, then select “Search.”
  • To obtain a recovery code, choose a delivery method from a list of possibilities, such as email or SMS. 
  • Select the technique that suits you the most, then click “Continue.”
  • Find the code that Facebook sends you, and check your email or SMS messages.
  • In the Facebook app, enter the code you just received in the appropriate field and choose “Continue.”
  • A new password must be entered when asked. Check that it’s private and distinct, then click “Continue.”

Third Method: By Google Account

You can access your Google Account by using Settings on your Android phone if you’ve set up a fingerprint on it. Your saved passwords, including those for Facebook, will be visible in the Password Manager.

How to view the Facebook password on an Android phone is detailed in the instructions that follow:

1. Open your phone and select Settings. 

2. Click Google as you scroll down.

3. Find the Security tab after choosing Manage your Google Account. Password Manager can be found by scrolling down and tapping it.

4. Click Facebook at this point.

5. Use your fingerprint to unlock it > After that, tap the “eye” button to view your Facebook password.

Fourth Method – By Google Chrome

Google Chrome Can Be Used To View Your Own Facebook Password. 

  • Your laptop or computer should now be running Google Chrome.
  • Toggle the dot icon to the right.
  • Choose Settings, then click. Alternatively, just type chrome://settings in the address bar.
  • Then select Passwords.
  • Use to conduct a search. You can enter Facebook in the search bar for passwords to discover the stored FB password fast.
  • You can quickly select the eye image icon on the right side once you’ve located it.
  • Your previously saved Facebook password will be available to view right away.
  • Now you can see your password. 


On Android smartphones, passwords are saved in the device’s password storage system. Usernames, passwords, and other sensitive data are all securely stored by this system. Open the Settings menu on your smartphone, then seek for a Security or Privacy section to gain access to this data. 

You ought to be able to discover an option for managing your passwords in this section. Any saved passwords connected to your account should be visible once you’re within the password manager. It is advised that you secure your passwords using a fingerprint or face recognition authentication technique for extra security.

In order to keep yourself safe from potential fraud and identity theft efforts, it is important to select a strong, singular password that you do not use for any other accounts or services online. As an added measure of security for your account, if two-factor authentication is offered, take into consideration using it.

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