How to Share Instagram Posts to Snapchat Story

How to Share Instagram Posts to Snapchat Story? In today’s world, our life as human beings, influencers, and business owners is now impossible without social media. Your following can increase, you can stay active, and you can become recognized as an expert in your field by optimizing various social media networks.

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Although social networking platforms have become a secure place for everyone to exchange photos and videos, the procedure can be cumbersome and time-consuming if you have to submit everything at once to various websites.

Fortunately, a lot of well-known social media sites, including Instagram and Snapchat, do permit their users to cross-post their work on significant websites. Understanding how to share your Instagram post to a Snapchat Story is crucial for maintaining your authority and consistency on major platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

What is Instagram and Snapchat

The most popular social media sites in the world with the largest fan bases and user bases are Instagram and Snapchat. The ‘Stories’ elements on both social media platforms deactivate automatically 24 hours after the stories are posted. You may make appealing photographs and videos for your “Stories” using the fascinating filters and tweaks that the social media’s powerful platforms Instagram and Snapchat both offer.

One of the most widely used social networking sites is Instagram. It’s not surprising that people want to know how to publish their Instagram posts on Snapchat given the increasing popularity of Snapchat stories. Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to do. The best online outlets for gossip are Snapchat and Instagram. This remarkable, globally connected digital environment is used by millions of individuals. You can write articles and stories, and even like or comment on content using various social media platforms.

Snapchat and Instagram are two crucial applications for any ardent social media user. There are a few straightforward ways to share a post on both applications even though the two platforms lack an integrated sharing feature. To ensure that your fans keep seeing your amazing material, we’ll show you how to publish an Instagram post to your Snapchat story in this article.

Posting images, videos, or text to Instagram as a post that will appear on your timeline and as an Instagram story that will automatically expire 24 hours after being posted is pretty straightforward. But Instagram also gives you the option to share your Instagram posts on other platforms, like Snapchat. As an illustration, say you wish to post an Instagram post after uploading a video or photograph.

Advantages of Sharing Instagram Posts to Snapchat

 It might be difficult and time-consuming to post content on numerous platforms, though. Fortunately, the main social networking sites frequently update their functioning to enable cross-platform publishing. For instance, it’s acceptable to repost something you post on Instagram to your Snapchat story without running afoul of the law. Digital marketing is not complete without social media marketing. Businesses are developing cross-platform marketing plans for their different social media platforms.

Being consistent across influential networks like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook ensures your relevance, even as an individual.

However, it is difficult to keep all of your social media platforms updated. To make it simple for users, major social media platforms are continuously developing capabilities that enable cross-platform publishing.

You can share posts from Instagram to Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites using a function. Sharing an Instagram post with a buddy on Snapchat is a simple task, but doing it for the Snapchat story is a bit difficult.

How to Share Instagram Posts to Snapchat Story

While both Instagram and Snapchat have distinctive characteristics of their own, the former is fantastic for sharing pictures and videos, while the latter is renowned for its transient content. Sharing Instagram posts to Snapchat stories, on the other hand, can be a fantastic method to cross-promote your content and reach a bigger audience.

Learn how to share a post on both platforms to stay in touch with your friends and followers on Instagram and Snapchat by keeping them updated

1: Screenshot The Article and Upload it to Snapchat from your Camera Roll.

  • The simplest method for adding an Instagram post to a Snapchat story is to take a screenshot of the Instagram post you want to share.
  • Open the Snapchat app and start the process of starting a new Story once you have taken a screenshot of the post you want to share.
  • You must use your camera roll to locate the screenshot of the Instagram post before starting a new Snapchat story. 
  • You can add the appropriate screenshot to your Snapchat story so that everyone can see it when you’ve located it in your phone’s camera roll.

2: Take the Posts’ Links and Use it to Insert Your Story.

  • Copies of Instagram posts can be added to Snapchat stories for people to view by pasting the URL of the Instagram post into the story’s description.
  • They will be able to access the link in your story to your Instagram post after the link to your Snapchat post is visible to your followers in your Snapchat story.
  • This is another simple method for gaining visibility for an Instagram post that does not involve sending the post directly to Snapchat. This might be a better option if all you want is for your followers to be able to click on the links in your Instagram posts to visit your profile.

3: Post the Same Article to Your Story.

  • The final option for incorporating an Instagram post into a Snapchat story is to simply repost it on Snapchat. 
  • By simply making a new story on the Snapchat app and posting the same photo and material you did on Instagram, you may accomplish this.
  • You may easily duplicate the Instagram post in your Snapchat story as long as you still have access to the material you used to add it to the original post. 
  • This is another easy way to cross-share content on the two social media networks is by doing this.


Even though Snapchat and Instagram are not natively compatible, using the techniques in this guide will make it simpler for you to publish content from your Instagram account for your followers to see on Snapchat. When you want to share a post between the two social media platforms, you can use this helpful information. 

It’s simple to share an Instagram post directly to a Snapchat story without any effort, and the procedure for doing so is described in this article. Users of Instagram and Snapchat can post material across platforms on both services. I hope you like the post How to Share Instagram Posts to Snapchat Story and please do share with others.

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