How To Turn Off Link Sharing on Android Phone?

How To Turn Off Link Sharing on Android Phone? Our daily lives wouldn’t be the same without Android devices. We can keep in touch with the outside world, amuse ourselves, and do tasks while on the go. Link sharing is one of the services that is getting more and more popular.

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The act of sending a link to share a file with someone is known as link sharing. The purpose of the Android Link Sharing App is to send huge files like images or videos via this app. It functions by establishing safe linkages for your cloud content. You’ll only have 10 minutes to use the access code you are given. If you want to share a huge file, be sure you have a link to it. If not, it could be challenging to open the file. Here are some hints for using this program.

This tool lets you distribute big files, such as plenty of images or document folders, to your buddies, as the name would imply. It may be connected to other services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Samsung Cloud and is totally free. You can share without using the Link Sharing app if you choose.

The sent link takes the receiver to the cloud location where the file is stored when they click it. As a result, in order to transfer a file as a link, you must first put it on a platform for online document creation or storage, like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Use of Link Sharing

We can share photographs, movies, and website links with others by using link sharing. You may quickly and securely transfer web links between your Android devices using the link-sharing feature. If you need to visit the same page on various devices or quickly share a link with someone else, this can be helpful. You must have a link-sharing program like Google Chrome or Firefox installed on both devices in order to use this feature.

Businesses that must transmit numerous files to customers can greatly benefit from link sharing. You can deliver several files or huge files fast and securely over a network by sending them as a URL. As a result, your clients can get the files they need right away. They can even see them without downloading anything.

Similar to this, link sharing is practical for remote teams that must communicate with co-workers online. Co-workers can electronically collaborate on documents and projects by sending files through a link. Many link-sharing applications also offer real-time teamwork so that you can work on the same file simultaneously.

Why to Turn Off Link Sharing on Android

Link sharing has a significant drawback. To put it another way, anyone can access your private photos if the URL to your shared albums falls into the wrong hands. 

Anyone who can access the link will be able to view all of the shared photos because it is not restricted to any particular users or a certain number of views.

In light of this, it is advised that you stop sharing your albums’ links as soon as the individuals you intended to share them with have done so.

How To Turn Off Link Sharing on Android

However, link sharing enables you to share all of your massive files without the need for compression. For cloud-based content, you are able to construct a secure link. Having no concerns about internet bandwidth or file size restrictions will make it simple to share enormous files. You can simply share the particular material you wish to share by using links. The link-sharing feature can be turned off at any time if you decide not to share the information.

There may be times when you need to disable link sharing, despite the fact that this feature can sometimes be useful.

You can disable link sharing on Android by following the procedures below:

  1. Open the “settings” of your smartphone: Open your Android device’s settings to start the process of disabling link sharing. You can do this by selecting settings from the app.
  2. Access the Settings for “Apps & Notifications”: Select the option “Apps & Notification”. Here you will find all the apps.
  3. Choose the app you wish to stop link sharing from: Find the app you wish to disable link sharing from on the “Apps & Notifications” page. Use the search bar at the top of the page or scroll down to find the app to complete this.
  4. Select “Advanced settings.”: Once you’ve chosen the app, click on Advanced Settings. A new page containing more app settings will be displayed as a result.
  5. Deactivate “Link-sharing.”: On the Advanced Settings page, look for the toggle for sharing links. By touching on it, you can disable the toggle. For the chosen app, this will stop link sharing.

Turn Off Link Sharing on Android for the Whole Album.

If you have shared a whole album with someone and you want to turn off link sharing, simply follow the steps below exactly as written to keep yourself safe:

  • First of all, you should be ready with your Android phone and open Google Photos on your
  • After selecting “Library” in the bottom menu, go to the “shared album”.
  • Once you open the shared album, select “Options” from the three-dot menu in the top-right corner.
  • Click “Link sharing” to disable it.
  • When prompted, click the “Delete link” option to remove the link.
  • The option “Make private” will appear if the album has not been shared with anyone. Simply press “Make private” to delete the link.


Google Photos makes it simple to share photos with others, but if you’re a little nervous that they might end up in the wrong hands, you can turn off the link-sharing option. In this case, you can stop the link-sharing feature to ensure that no unauthorized party can access the URL you shared with your family and friends.

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