Top 7 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Most Beautiful Islands in the World – There are many thousands of islands on Earth, and each one is unquestionably beautiful in its way. But it is very difficult to choose any one amongst these most stunning islands in the world. When deciding where to spend your free time, it is not simple to find out which islands we should pick from around the world. You’ll discover some of Mother Nature’s best creations in each of these choices, from the Caribbean and Salish Seas to the Indian and Pacific Oceans. 

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The world is a beautiful place, surrounded by mysteries and wonders. People of various ethnicities, speaking various languages, and belonging to various cultures live in various countries. Each country has something different to offer. Either the population is diverse, the climate is lovely, or the landscape is varied. Of these, the islands are the perfect holiday location. Take long walks on the beach, dip in the fresh seawater, or sit and relax on the beach, soaking in the beautiful sun. 

Top 7 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

If you’re among the people who enjoy traveling and want to see the world, then this list of the most stunning islands is something you should add to your bucket list and visit as soon as you can.

1- Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a stunning island that is part of Indonesia and is regarded as one of the world’s top vacation spots. There are all-around beaches, mountains, and volcanic landscapes in Bali. Whether you’re a surfer, partier, yogi, outdoor enthusiast, or just coming to relax, Bali has something you’ll fall in love with. With an estimated 10,000 temples, you’ll see the rich culture and amazing views on display wherever you go. 

It has a diverse mix of entertainment and relaxation which makes it consistently rated as one of the best islands to visit. The majority of Indonesia’s Hindu population resides on the island of Bali. The island has a rich culture of arts like painting, music, dance, etc. It is surrounded by coral reefs, has white as well as black sand beaches, and a thriving agriculture sector. 

The climate of Bali remains moderate throughout the year. Therefore, one can visit this island at any time of the year. The rich flora and fauna of Bali have around 280 species of birds to attract tourists. The best time to visit Bali is from April to October. The top attractions in Bali are Mount Batur, Bali Swing, Ubud Monkey Forest, Sekumpul Waterfall, Kuta Beach, Bali Bird Park, Garuda Vishnu

2- Palawan, Philippines

Palawan, Philippines

There’s a solid reason why this now-famous island in the Philippines is regarded as the best island in the entire globe. A real piece of heaven, the Philippines’ Palawan archipelago is stunning and its beauty is unmatched. You’ll think you’re at the edge of the earth when you stand on a rocky cliff staring out over the clear, blue waters. 

These islands are home to numerous charming fishing communities that have been in existence for many years, and many of the islands have been included as UNESCO World Heritage sites. The sugary white sands and crystal-clear waters, limestone rock formations, rich foliage, hundreds of species of rare birds, and an intriguing culture make Palawan the best location for anyone seeking an exotic and tropical escape. 

With exquisite sea views from every room and a lively, boutique-like atmosphere, Maremegmeg Beach Club rose to the top of the list of the most opulent and sought-after accommodations in the region. The best time to visit Palawan is from December to May. The top attractions of Balawan are Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Nacpan Beach, Honda Bay, Hidden Beach, Seven Commando Beach, etc. 

3- St.Lucia


The striking resemblance between this magnificent island in the Eastern Caribbean and a Hawaiian island may startle first-timers. From the appropriately called, famed Sugar Beach to the breathtaking Piton volcanic mountains, this delightful location offers a variety of landscapes. A taste of the French-influenced Caribbean culture, considerate hospitality, and mystical views are always available to visitors. 

With its penthouse and residential lodgings, magnificent spa, and glitzy marina for sailing and shopping, Marigot Bay Resort provides the pinnacle of Caribbean luxury. Those with sufficient energy would be well to sign up for a challenging, 6-hour guided hike up Petit Piton for breath-taking vistas of Sugar Beach, 2,461 feet below. 

The best time to visit St. Lucia is from December to February. The top attractions of this island are the lush rainforest, Pidgeon Island National Park, and Tet Paul Nature Trail. La Soufrière, set against the majestic volcanic Pitons, is known for its Sulphur Springs and mud baths, beautiful Diamond Botanical Gardens, and the romantic, private black-sand beach of AnseMamin

4- Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand

 Koh Samui is a perennial favorite for tourists from all over The world. The second-largest island in Thailand, Koh Samui, is renowned for its palm-lined beaches, coconut orchards, and lush vegetation. Like well-known islands like Hawaii or Bora Bora, Koh Samui has some of the most opulent spas and resorts. You will experience the renowned Thai hospitality in this paradise, and all of the hotels will make you feel pampered. There are also a few surprising cultural attractions in Koh Samui. The 12m-tall golden Great Buddha statue at Wat Phra Yai Temple, which is situated on a small island that links to Koh Samui, is among the most breathtaking.

The best time to visit is December to February. The top attractions of Koh Samui are: Lamai Beach, Secret Buddha Garden, Paradise Park Farm, Chaweng Beach, Samui Elephant Sanctuary, Fisherman’s Village, Koh Tan, High Park, Crocodile Show, Nathon Town, Hin Ta &Hin Yan, Lamai Beach

5- Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

This tropical, volcanic island, which resembles a huge hat, is the setting for innumerable South Pacific tales. Its stunning turquoise lagoon serves as the centerpiece and greatest feature of this tropical paradise. In the lagoon’s crystal-clear waters, fish, turtles, sharks, and rays can be seen swimming beside tiny islets. Of course, the cuisine on the island is delectable and is particularly French. 

Hiking routes wind through the palm-lined woodlands, while the nearby reefs offer superb diving and snorkeling opportunities. If you can, stay here in a posh over-the-water bungalow and celebrate your good fortune while you snooze to the sound of the ocean’s gently lapping. 

The best time to visit this island is  May to October. The main attractions of Bora Bora are Mt Otemanu, Lagoon tours, Motu Picnics, Wedding Venues, Coral gardens, Maohi Nui, Matira Beach, Lagoonarium, and Coral Gardens ·

6- Maldives


The Maldives, unquestionably the most opulent location on earth, has come to symbolize paradise, whether it is for honeymooners, sun worshippers, scuba divers, or celebrities. The islands, which span about 800 km (500 miles) and are located near the equator south of India, are the apparent coral tips of an oceanic volcanic mountain range whose outer border at some spots drops to depths of more than 3 km (1,8 miles). 

The Maldives are endowed with gorgeous ribbons of powdery-soft white sand, stunning blue lagoons, amazing marine life, and unrivaled luxury resorts that occupy their private island. The Maldives is also the location of SonevaFushi and SonevaJani, two of my all-time favorite hotels, which both have the largest overwater villas in the world. 

The best time to visit is December to April. The top attractions of Maldives are: Capital city – Male, Male Atoll, Addu Atoll, Glowing Beach, COMO Cocoa Island, Maafushi, Addu City, Banana Reef, Artificial Beach, Fulhadhoo Island, The Muraka – Conrad, Sun Island, Maamigili, Alimatha Island, Baros Island, Mirihi Island

7- Maui Island, Hawaii 

Maui Island, Hawaii 

The second-largest of the Hawaiian islands, Maui was named for the local hero Hawaiiloa, who is credited with discovering the chain of islands that make up Hawaii. The scenery of Maui’s island is diversified, including black sand beaches, dormant volcanoes, valleys, ravines, and rainforests.

A huge number of tourists travel to Maui, either to experience the island’s distinctive beauty or to see the critically endangered humpback whales. You can participate in water sports like windsurfing and snorkeling on Maui, or you can go outside and take in the island’s natural beauty. Moreover, it has received recognition as the world’s best island. The best time to visit here is April and May, then from August to October. 


I hope you liked the post Most Beautiful Islands in the World which we have mentioned Stunning beaches, clear water, delectable seafood, and plenty of activities. Island getaways provide all of this and more in a manageable, compact package. 

There are beautiful islands to discover throughout the world, and each year they attract more travelers.

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