How To Remove Emergency Calls from Android Lock Screen?

How To Remove Emergency Calls from Android Lock Screen? The emergency call option is probably already visible to Android users on their lock screen. A smartphone’s ability to call for help in an emergency is essential. It provides a function that could save a person’s life in emergency scenarios by enabling users to call emergency services without having to unlock their smartphone. It is a legal necessity that all phone makers incorporate this feature into their products because it is so crucial.

On an Android handset with a lock screen enabled, a button for making an emergency call will appear towards the bottom of the PIN entry screen. By pressing the button, anyone who picks up the phone will be able to call 911 in an emergency without having to enter a PIN or lock code.

When you touch the “Emergency Call” button on the majority of Android smartphones, the dial pad appears instead of immediately dialing 911. For it to do anything, you must first select “Emergency Call” and then select 9-1-1.

Need to Remove Emergency Calls From Android Lock Screen

Some Android users may find this worrying due to their concern about dialing 911 by mistake. This is something very frightening. You just imagine clicking that button by accident at three in the morning and waking up to see the police swarming around your home. Just in that case, you can choose to remove the emergency button on the lock screen. But this compromises the device’s security. 

As you know the emergency call feature is very useful, but it can sometimes be very frustrating. In case of accidental emergency calling can lead to false alarms, which can be annoying. These false alarms can be potentially problematic. For instance, if your phone is in your pocket, there are chances that you might accidentally press the emergency call button. This will result in an unintended call to emergency services. This can cause not only inconvenience but can also lead to unnecessary tension and confusion.

Even though it has indisputable advantages, there are situations when it can also be problematic, especially if it is accidentally triggered. This feature is intended to give quick access to emergency services; however, it can occasionally be mistakenly activated, leading to unneeded anxiety and confusion.

How To Remove Emergency Calls from Android Lock Screen

It is not possible to disable the emergency button on the lock screen. But if you edit in the Settings app, root your Android phone, or download a third-party app, you can disable the Emergency Call button. An average Android user’s predicament is made worse by this. However, I assure you that this is not a very tough job. It is as simple as anything.

Method 1: Using the Settings App

The Settings app on your Android device is the best tool for getting rid of the emergency call button.

  1. From your Android phone’s home screen, tap the “Settings” option
  2. When you scroll down the options under the setting option, you will find the “lock Screen” option. Select “Lock Screen”.
  3. There should be an option labeled “Emergency Information” under the “Lock Screen” menu.
  4. Select “Emergency Information” to open the next window, where you may add your emergency contacts and other information.
  5. After that, tap the “Edit” icon to open the edit menu.
  6. The “Delete” button can be found in the top right corner of the screen when the edit menu displays.
  7. Select “Delete,” and then the emergency call will not show on your locked screen.

Method 2: Use Of Third-Party Apps

1- Lock Screen Removal App: On Android devices, you may disable the emergency call button using several third-party apps that are offered on the Google Play Store. One of these apps is called “Lock Screen Removal.” As follows:

  1. To remove the lock screen from your Android device, download the “Lock Screen Removal” app from the Google Play Store.
  2. After downloading the software, run it and give it the required permissions.
  3. On the app’s home screen, click the “Unlock Lock Screen” button.
  4. Use a USB cord to connect your gadget to your PC.
  5. To remove the emergency call button from the lock screen of your Android device, follow the on-screen instructions.

2- Q Lock Screen App: Due to the comprehensive customization of our device, certain programs will enable us to deactivate the emergency button. One of them is Q Lock Screen, which can be opened whenever you want and is free to download from the Play Store.

The emergency button can be added or removed from its configuration, which is straightforward. The program appears straightforward at first sight and is not difficult to use if you want to mount the emergency button or even the volume control on a key on your phone.

Method 3: Installing a Custom ROM 

A custom ROM can be installed on an Android handset that has already been rooted to get rid of the emergency call button. As an example:

  1. Copy your preferred custom ROM to the SD card of your Android handset after downloading it online.
  2. Shut down your gadget.
  3. To restart in recovery mode, press and hold both the power and volume up buttons at once.
  4. Select “Install” from the menu, then pick the custom ROM from the SD card.
  5. Follow the directions on-screen to flash the custom ROM and unplug the emergency call button.


A great way to personalize and improve the usability of your Android device is to customize the lock screen. The emergency call option can be simply removed from your lock screen by following the instructions in this article.

To be sure this adjustment fits your needs and preferences, remember to balance the advantages and disadvantages before making it. You may confidently take control of your Android lock screen and customize it to your preferences after reading these tips and guidelines.

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