Small Business Ideas with Low Investment Under 1 lakh

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment– Generally speaking, a small business is a privately held business in partnership or sole proprietorship with fewer employees and a lower yearly income than a regular-sized business. The criteria for being considered “small” to be eligible for government assistance and special tax treatment vary by nation and sector.

Although owning a small business has long been a convenient means of making a living, it defies the current trend of giant businesses combining, creating economies of scale, and promoting homogeneity. It may seem difficult to come up with a decent business idea, but with some thought and preparation, you may start a small business to supplement your income or work for yourself full-time. The small business idea with images of a person using a drill, lightbulbs, and piggy banks to represent the spirit of a small business. 

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Entrepreneurs use their firms to develop goods and services that creatively address issues. Entrepreneurs do not have the luxury of being unrealistic because firms need to make a profit to exist. Their goods and services must be useful, cost-efficient, and appealing to a large enough market to make production economically viable.

Perhaps you already have a plan for the company you want to launch. Although you can be enthusiastic about your concept and feel prepared for a new endeavor, you might also be looking for some guidance.

  • Identify a business idea
  • Validate your business idea
  • Find a name and logo for your business
  • Develop a business plan
  • Funding
  • Right bank for your small business
  • Law and regulations
  • Set up a digital presence for your small business
  • Build your team
  • Build a good and useful product
  • Launch your business
  • Become a strong salesman
  • Competitors
  • Distribution

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment Under 1 lakh

The key to success in your small business is selecting excellent manufacturing small business ideas with less than one flaw. Many business ventures with a 100% success record can be launched with just one lakh. An idea for a business that can be used to make money is typically focused on a good or service that can be sold for money. The first step in creating a successful business is coming up with an idea.

For a newcomer, a service-based firm is the easiest to launch. Every type of business where you sell services is a service business. In other words, you market your experience, ability, or labor rather than your goods or products. If you are lacking in capital, you should go for the service business. 

1- Candle Making

One of the goods that are constantly in demand is candles. Selling candles has recently been a popular alternative for business owners wishing to get started with little start-up money. Because people use candles for so many diverse purposes, from traditional to religious to decorative, particularly during festivals, the demand for them is very strong.

A successful candle-making business can be started with a starting investment of between 20,000 and 30,000, and it can also be conducted from home. All you need to start the business is the raw materials and the necessary candle-making supplies. You can grow the company more as demand rises.

2- Incense Sticks

Due to the significant demand in other nations, the incense stick industry in India is growing. The demand for incense and sage sticks has increased globally as more people become interested in spiritual rituals, yoga, etc. 

India ships incense sticks all over the world. Agarbatti stick manufacturing equipment costs as little as 50,000 rupees for motorized and semi-automatic models. Using these devices for mass production is advantageous.

3- Start a Boutique

Boutiques are places where one-of-a-kind, customized clothes are manufactured. Boutique shopping is typically preferred by those who do not like mass-produced, fast-fashion items. Starting an internet boutique will work out beautifully for you if you are a talented tailor with a good sense of style. 

You will require a fully functional sewing machine as well as materials like thread, needles, scissors, etc. Although you will also require workers to sew the clothing, it is your obligation to design the clothing.

4- Ice Cream Cones

These have had a perfect record of success in small business concepts that can be launched with a capital investment of around ₹ 1 lakh. Ice cream is the most well-liked sweet treat among people of all ages, and almost everyone enjoys eating it. The demand for ice cream cones is growing directly due to the rising consumption of ice creams. As a result, establishing an ice cream cone manufacturing unit is the soundest course of action to take. 

This concept unquestionably has the potential to be a lucrative business choice, and the amount of capital required to launch this enterprise is approximate ₹1 lakh to ₹1.5 lacks. However, if you have access to high-capacity machinery that makes these cones, you can run the same company on a much larger scale from the beginning.

5- Running a Food Van

Unlike restaurants, which have significant overhead expenses, food trucks are significantly simpler to start up and less expensive. The food truck industry is the newest trend in the industry, and both consumers and company owners like it. 

The company is entirely scalable and may be started anywhere. You may either invite customers to your food truck or set up a delivery service to bring meals right to their door.

6- Start A Tiffin Service

In a month or less, your tiffin business will be a tremendous success if you decide to start serving hot, delicious, and healthy handmade meals. 

You would need excellent culinary abilities, food to cook with, and initial investment in a large number of tiffin carriers to start a tiffin system business. After each use, you will need to employ someone to clean and sterilize the tiffin.

7- Disposable Plates, Cups, Glass

Without disposable food-grade plates and cups, events, picnics, functions, etc. are not possible. Street merchants and hawkers make heavy use of them. The market for disposable food-grade plates and cups has developed as a result of their low price and increased demand. 

In many places, they are the only choice, and the start-up cost for this firm is roughly Rs. 50,000. Buying disposable plate-making equipment represents the bulk of the investment.


I hope you liked Small Business Ideas with Low Investment Under 1 lakh post. if you have a thorough business plan and a methodical strategy for achieving the objectives and goals listed in the plan. If so, you will rapidly put the small company idea into practice in a few weeks in any city or town. 

To accomplish the listed company goals and objectives in a few months, be consistent and put in a tonne of hard effort. Within a constrained budget of up to one lakh, you can launch a tiny business idea or any profitable business idea. 

Numerous novel business concepts and fresh business ideas are producing returns that are higher than the rate of investment. Hence, choose a company concept from the list in the article above that goes into further detail.

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