How To Stop Auto Debit from Axis Bank Credit Card

How To Stop Auto Debit from Axis Bank Credit Card– Due to its numerous attractive offers and significant savings, Axis Bank credit cards are popular among consumers. But it is a well-known fact that every credit card generates a bill at the end of the month and that to keep using the card, the bill must be paid in full. There are other ways to pay with an Axis Bank credit card, so that’s something to consider. 

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A scheduled money transfer known as an auto-debit is used to pay recurring bills including energy bills, credit card bills, EMIs on home mortgages, loans for real estate, loans for vehicles, etc. The cardholders of credit who sign up for an auto debit service are entitled to gain substantial rewards.

How is the Credit Limit Decided?

Your credit card’s credit limit determines how much you can spend with it during a billing cycle. Each credit card account at Axis Bank has a unique credit limit, and even the most affordable card, the Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card, may have a credit limit of a few lahks. The following factors affect credit limits.

  1. The average amount of money the cardholder retains in his savings account, as this is an indicator of stability.
  2. The bank will raise the credit limit if one has automated the system of auto-debit from the savings account.
  3. The credit limit of the account will rise with consistent payments.
  4. One person’s credit limit on the same card may be INR 50,000, while another person’s credit limit may be INR 10 lakh. As a result, no precise number can be given. Under normal circumstances, the bank does not reveal a cardholder’s credit limit to third parties.

Advantages of the Auto Debit Feature on Credit Cards

  1. Time can be saved while ensuring timely and consistent payments.
  2. Customers steer clear of incurring pointless late payment fees and expenses.
  3. Online payment options are the most practical.
  4. It is possible to lower the danger of identity theft.
  5. Consistent payments enable cardholders to establish and maintain a credit history. They can also accrue bonus points and raise their credit score.
  6. It provides two different flexible payment options: TAD (total amount owed) and MDA (minimum due amount)

Disadvantages of Auto-Debit on Credit Cards

  1. Since monthly bills are paid automatically, consumers might lose track of them.
  2. Occasionally, a few businesses may charge a fee to customers for providing this service.
  3. It could be challenging to stop automatic payments.
  4. Customers ought to have a sufficient account balance. 
  5. They must incur bank overdraft fees if they fail to do so.

When You Need to Deactivate the Auto Debit Option from a Credit Card

By adhering to the instructions supplied by your bankers, you can deactivate credit card auto debit online. Experts advise against deactivating an auto debit feature unless you truly need it. Anytime you choose, you can start the process of deactivating your credit card auto-debit. There are a few situations that call for you to deactivate the auto-debit feature on your credit cards:

Customers of Axis Bank can cancel the credit card auto debit service online. After deregistering the Axis credit card auto debit feature, no money will be sent to your creditors.

  • You can choose to carry on banking with your prior bank account and credit card when you move jobs,
  • To terminate your current credit card account and receive new offers,
  • As soon as you relocate for work,
  • when a bank balance is insufficient to cover payments.
  • There is an option to stop this facility if you don’t like this function or don’t want your balance to be automatically deducted with this feature from your bank account.

Advantages of Disabling Credit Card Auto Debit

  1. Customers who want to pay in cash can conveniently keep track of their monthly payments. 
  2. Deactivating credit card auto debit has shown to be a wise decision from the perspective of those unable to maintain steady cash inflows. 
  3. It still applies when using several credit cards.

Disadvantages of Disabling Credit Card Auto Debit

  1. Credibility and credit scores might be negatively impacted.
  2. Alternative payment methods take time.
  3. Those who have not signed up for this facility run the risk of having their identities stolen.
  4. You might occasionally miss payments. Your financial obligations increase as a result of late payments, which incur late payment fines and charges.

How To Stop Auto Debit from Axis Bank Credit Card

 But if you stop using this service, you’ll need to remember when your credit card bill is due because you’ll need to manually pay it by the deadline otherwise you’ll be charged interest by the bank for missing the payment.

  1. To help you, we’ve detailed the entire procedure for deactivating auto-debit in Axis Bank Credit Card Online below.
  2. Simply go to the Axis Bank Online Banking portal with your customer ID and password to deactivate auto pay in Axis Bank Credit Card Online.
  3. Access Accounts > My Credit Cards.
  4. Your credit cards will load into the page; if you have more than one, choose the one for which you want to turn off auto-debit. If you just have one credit card, it will automatically be chosen if you don’t change it.
  5. Select Auto Debit Setup from the drop-down menu under more services, then press the “Go” button.
  6. You will get the notice “You are Already Registered for Auto Debit Activation” as you are already enabled for auto debit on your Axis Bank Credit Card.
  7. Just click the ‘Deactivate’ option to cease auto-debit from your Axis bank account.
  8. With the ‘De-Activate’ option, the selected savings account would no longer get a standing order to automatically deduct the amount owed on a credit card.
  9. When you enter your registered mobile number and select the Deactivate button, an OTP, will be delivered to your device.
  10. There has been a request to deactivate auto debit.
  11. The following display Success! You will see the message “Your auto debit deactivation request is submitted”
  12. You can register for or de-register for auto-debit on your Axis Credit Card by calling from your registered cellphone number at 18605005555 if your Axis Bank account does not offer internet banking or if you do not wish to visit the branch.


You can cancel the mandate online using the Axis Bank Internet Banking portal if you have an Axis Bank account and have authorized a standing instruction (SI) or auto debit mandate for the payment of your bills. A step-by-step tutorial is provided below: 

Access your Axis Bank Internet Banking profile. The ‘Requests’ tab can be selected. Select the ‘Cancel standing instruction/auto debit mandate’ link. Once you’ve entered the 16-digit mandate reference number, press the “Submit” button. You’ll get a confirmation message and your mandate will be revoked. I hope you liked the post How To Stop Auto Debit from Axis Bank Credit Card and please do share with others. thanks for reading.

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